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Our Story

   G3, which means “Giving God Glory”, is a two part company, consisting of G3 Performance and sister company G3 Performance Apparel (G3PA). G3 Performance Apparel was

birthed in 2012. As Owner, I had been drafting ways to better market myself

as an unbranded professional USA sprinter. 90% of USA sprinters’ income

is a result of their sponsorship reception from companies that they represent

by wearing their clothing & accessories, while broadcasting their sponsors

through various media streams.

   During a private Bible study, I felt that the Lord reversed my perspective on what I was seeking. Instead of marketing myself, I was asked, how to best market the Word of God and continue to build His kingdom here on Earth. It was during that time that I realized that I indeed was branded and had been ever since the day I submitted my life fully to Christ and wanted that brand to be seen. Traveling all over the world being photographed, video recorded, and broadcast through the world, what better avenue to spread God’s Word to people and in places that I would never physically reach, than through wearing His armor through fitness apparel?

  Sister company G3 Performance was already in existence as my personal training and academic tutoring company, so I grabbed my already owned and self-designed logo and began having different articles of my athletic apparel embroidered with my logo and scripture verses. Just a few months later I was having my own designs printed for my competition and training gear. When I was out publicly in my gear I was frequently being asked, “Where did you get that?” “What is G3?” “What does that scripture say?” or told “that is really cute” “I like that design, it’s unique, I have not seen it” “that’s really motivating” and so on.

Again, while in private Bible Study, it was revealed to me through the journey of Jesus, His disciples, Apostles and the 7 churches that in order to spread the Word further, others needed to be able to wear G3 products. As a result of this revelation, I finally began to see the pieces of my life's puzzle coming together. After 6 years of studying to become an Architect and Engineer at Stanford University and The University of Texas, I questioned if my time invested in obtaining my degrees was wasted, since I had been running professionally since college and living check to check in essence, not using my degree beyond tutoring (I didn't quite need my college education for that component though).

Through G3PA, I am now finally able to use my passion for design to create quality, fashionable, and affordable performance apparel that speaks both through fashion and spirit, while fulfilling the biblical direction, “Put on the whole armour of God” – Ephesians 6 and “spread the gospel of Christ.”   Track and Field opened my eyes to just how polluted our athletic world had become, specifically in relation to women apparel. I was always confused about the promotion of competing and training near naked and I realized, it has nothing to do with athletics, but the defamation of the true value of womanhood that God created. G3PA is focused on promoting quality performance and training apparel that remains modest and wholesome. 

Though the journey seemed unclear and long, I am thankful for each portion; it has been a beautiful and great journey that continues on in His Will! 

                                                   Cheetah Burrell

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Let’s Work Together For The Glory of GOD

Couer D' alene, Idaho

Tel: (208) 964-9713

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