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Design Shop

Our custom design shop affords you the opportunity to select from an array of substrates for your customization.  If you have a unique substrate not offered on our webpage, submit a design request below and we will notify you whether we can provide your substrate with and estimated cost. 

Our Process for in stock/user submitted designs:

Select a category ----> Select Design ----> Select Color ----> Upload/Email your design or select one of ours ---->  Select location placement from logo/design ----> Submit ----> We will contact you with in 24-48hrs to confirm your request ----> You will receive a graphic preview* within 24 - 72hrs to approve prior to production ----> Following your approval, production will begin, and you will ship within 48 - 72 hrs** of your approval. 

Our Process for custom Logo Design Edits/Requests:

Submit a logo or design request ----> We will contact you within 24hrs via phone for a 15 - 20min consultation.  

*You are allowed a maximum of 3 complimentary edits, before your order is assessed a $65 design fee, and each additional 3 edits will incur a $65 charge.

** For high bulk orders, it may take up to 5 days for production.

Design Request

Custom Armour

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